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Adventure mode is similar to survival, however the player is unable to interact with most items and blocks unless provided with special items by map makers. This is good for making maps.


Adventure mode is intended to enhance player-created maps. An adventure map will typically be created by a map maker in creative mode. When the map is finished, the map maker will switch the game to the adventure game mode before sending to players.

Turning on Adventure Mode

Due to the update of 1.29.1, Creating a world with adventure mode is impossible. However with cheats allowed, the player can type the command /gamemode adventure, or /gamemode 2 or even /gamemode a for short.


Rule Workaround
Blocks and items cannot be placed Adding the canPlaceOn data tag allows the item to be placed near specified blocks.
Blocks cannot be mined Adding the canDestroy data tag to an item will allow the item to break blocks of specified types.
Hoes cannot be used to till dirt Set the canPlaceOn tag to ["dirt", "coarse_dirt"] to enable full functionality.
Mob eggs cannot be spawned Set the canPlaceOn tag to allow players to spawn the mob on specified blocks.

Enabling Adventure Mode

The gamemode can only be enabled via the gamemode command. Entering gamemode adventure will switch the gamemode for the current world to adventure.


Version Date Changes
1.29 Sep 27, 2019
  • Added adventure mode
1.29.1 Oct 05, 2019
  • Removed the option to start a world in Adventure mode


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