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Hardcore is a mode in which the player only has one life. If they die, they will not be allowed to respawn back into the world, however they can use Spectator mode which allows the player to view the progress they made. The difficulty is locked on hard mode, and cannot be changed. This means mobs will do more damage.


Hardcore is meant to be a more challenging variant of survival and is meant to give experienced players more of a challenge. It retains most aspects of survival, except for the fact that the player will only have one life and the difficulty is locked on hard.


  • Always have a weapon, as mobs are common and deal a lot of damage.
  • Armor is very useful, as armor can reduce damage by a significant margin.
  • Always keep food in your inventory, and, if possible cooked. Foods that apply regneration, such as golden apples, candy canes, and cookies are recommended. .
  • Enchanting can be very useful for you tools, weapons, and armor. Enchants such as sharpness, smite, and bane of arthropods are useful for fighting hostile mobs. Blast

protection is good for creepers, projectile protection is good for skeletons, and fire protection is good for the Nether. Power is very good on bows for ranged combat. Other very useful enchants for combat are protection, feather falling, thorns, fire aspect, flame, punch, and knockback.



  • Hardcore is the only gamemode where cheats cannot be enabled.
  • In hardcore, the player's health bar has distinct hearts, slightly unlike those in survival.


Version Date Changes
1.30 Nov 13, 2020 Added hardcore

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