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|Make an Furnace.
|Make an Furnace.
|Make an [[furnace]].
|Make an [[furnace]].
|<center>{{User:Tobias Alcaraz/Tip|[[File:CraftingTable.png|20px]]|This task requires a Crafting Table.}} {{User:Tobias Alcaraz/Tip|[[File:Wooden Pickaxe.png|20px]]|This task requires a Pickaxe.}} {{User:Tobias Alcaraz/Tip|[[File:Cobblestone.png|20px]]|This task requires some Cobblestone.}}</center>
|<center>{{User:Tobias Alcaraz/Tip|[[File:CraftingTable.png|20px]]|This task requires a Crafting Table.}} {{User:Tobias Alcaraz/Tip|[[File:Wooden pickaxe.png|20px]]|This task requires a Pickaxe.}} {{User:Tobias Alcaraz/Tip|[[File:Cobblestone.png|20px]]|This task requires some Cobblestone.}}</center>
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|Make some torches.
|Make some torches.
|Make at least one [[torch]].
|Make at least one [[torch]].
|{{User:Tobias Alcaraz/Tip|[[File:Wooden Pickaxe.png|center|20px]]|This task requires a Pickaxe.}}
|{{User:Tobias Alcaraz/Tip|[[File:Wooden pickaxe.png|center|20px]]|This task requires a Pickaxe.}}

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Tasks, or Achievements, are objectives that you do in Mine Blocks. There are 44 tasks, each by that you have to do what it says to get the task. Also, you can't get tasks on Creative mode. To activate the tasks page, press "R".

Every update, tasks are usually added to help the player make use of the new features.


# Task Objective
1 Mine a Block of wood. Destroy a wood block.
2 Place a Block. Place any block anywhere.
3 Open the Inventory. Open the inventory (press T or click the arrow on the tools HUD).
4 Craft a Crafting Table. Create a crafting table in your inventory.
Wooden Planks.png
5 Craft a Wooden Pickaxe. Make a wooden pickaxe.
CraftingTable.png Stick.png Wooden Planks.png
6 Craft a Stone Pickaxe. Make a stone pickaxe.
CraftingTable.png Stick.png Cobblestone.png
7 Craft an Iron Pickaxe. Make an iron pickaxe.
CraftingTable.png Stick.png Iron ingot.png
8 Make an Furnace. Make an furnace.
CraftingTable.png Wooden pickaxe.png Cobblestone.png
9 Make an Iron Ingot. Make an iron ingot.
Furnace.png Stone pickaxe.png
10 Make some torches. Make at least one torch.
Wooden pickaxe.png
11 Grow a tree. Plant and let a tree grow.
12 Tame a Wolf. Tame a wolf into a dog (using bones on the wolf).
13 Slay a Pig. Kill a pig.
14 Slay a Cow. Kill a cow (also works with a mooshroom).
15 Slay a Sheep. Kill a sheep.
16 Slay a Zombie. Kill a zombie.
17 Slay a Skeleton. Kill a skeleton.
18 Slay a Spider. Kill a spider.
19 Slay a Nethereye. Kill a nethereye.
20 Slay a Blaze. Kill a blaze.
Second Part
# Task Objective
21 Slay an Enderman. Kill an enderman.
22 Slay a Creeper. Kill a creeper.
23 Defeat a Flaming Chicken. Kill a flaming chicken.
24 Grow wheat. Grow a wheat
25 Make a Cake. Make a Cake.
CraftingTable.png Bucket of milk.png Sugar.png Egg.png Wheat.png
26 Eat some food. Eat some food, such as raw porkchop or an orange.
27 Use a bed. Sleep at night using a bed.
28 Mine obsidian. Mine obsidian
Diamond pickaxe.png
29 Mine Gold. Mine gold ore.
Golden pickaxe.png
30 Mine Diamond. Mine diamond ore.
Iron pickaxe.png
31 Make Portal Stone. Make a portal stone.
20px Obsidian.png
32 Travel to the nether. Make a nether portal and go to the nether.
Portal stone.png
33 Open a door with wiring. Open a door with redstone or with a lever or with a pressure plate.
Iron Door.png Pressure Plate.png / Redstone dust.png / Lever.png
34 Fire a Bow. Use a bow when you can use it.
Bow.png Arrow.png
35 Teleport with an Enderpearl. Use an enderpearl.
Ender pearl.png
36 Unlock the Ender Portal. Make / use a ender portal.
Portal Frame.png Eye of ender.png
37 Slay the Ender Dragon. Kill the ender dragon.
38 Slay a Slime. Kill a Slime.
39 Slay a Magma Cube. Kill a magma cube from the Nether.
Third Part
# Task Objective
40 Fish a fish. Fish a fish with the fishing rod.
Fishing Rod.png
41 Use an anvil. Use an anvil (enchant something, use a name tag, enchant a book, etc. with the Anvil).
42 Slay a zombie pigman Kill a zombie pigman from the Nether.
43 Slay a ghast by its fireball Kill a ghast from the Nether by hitting its fireball back at it.
44 Brew a potion Brew a potion by adding an ingredient to a bottle of water.
Brewing Stand.png
More coming soon!

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