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Tasks, or Achievements, are objectives that you do in Mine Blocks. There are 38 tasks, each by that you have to do what it says to get the task. Also, you can't get tasks on Creative mode. To activate the tasks page, press "T".


1. Mine a Block of Wood: Destroy a Wood Block

2. Place a Block: Place a Block

3. Open the Inventory: Open the Inventory

4. Craft a Crafting Table: Create a Crafting Table

5. Craft a Wooden Pick Axes: Make a Wooden Pick Axes*

6. Craft a Stone Pick Axes: Make a Stone Pick Axes*

7. Craft an iron Pick Axes: Make an Iron Pick Axes*

8. Make an Furnace: Make a Furnace**

9. Make an Iron Ingot: Make an Iron Ingot**

10. Make some torches: Make 1< torches*

11. Grow a tree: Plant and let a Tree grow

12. Tame a Wolf: Tame a Wolf into a Dog

13. Slay a Pig: Kill a Pig

14. Slay a Cow: Kill a Cow

15. Slay a Sheep: Kill a Sheep

16. Slay a Zombie: Kill a Zombie

17. Slay a Skeleton: Kill a Skeleton

18. Slay a Spider: Kill a Spider

19. Slay a Nethereye: Kill a Nethereye

20. Slay a Blaze: Kill a Blaze

Tasks (Part 2)

21. Slay an Enderman: Kill an Enderman

22. Slay a Creeper: Kill a Creeper

23. Defeat a Flaming chicken: Kill a Flaming chicken

24. Grow Wheat: Grow Wheat

25. Make a Cake: Make a Cake

26. Eat some Food: Eat some Food, such as Raw Porkchop or Oranges

27. Use a bed: Sleep at night with a bed

28. Mine Obsidian: Mine Obsidian

29. Mine Gold: Mine Gold

30. Mine Diamond: Mine Diamond

31. Make Portal Stone: Make Portal Stone

32. Travel to the Nether: Go to the Nether

33. Open a Door with wiring: Open a Door with Redstone

34. Fire a Bow: Use a Bow when you can use it.

35.Teleport with an Enderpearl:Teleport with an Enderpearl

36. Unlock the Ender portal: Make/Use a Ender portal

37. Slay the Ender dragon: Kill the Ender dragon

38. Slay a Slime: Kill a Slime.

39. Slay a Magma Cube: Kill a Magma Cube from the Nether.

More Tasks to come!


Meanings: * Need the Crafting Table (9 x 9)

Meanings: **Need a Pick Axes