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MineBlocks246 is a player in Mine Blocks. Hi!

What I like to do

I am any Mine Blocks person. I play survival mode and try to survive as long as I can. Also, I LOVE building maps in Mine Blocks. I build architecture stuff like mansions, ships, and more! I usually study maps other people build and try a new way to modify them.


P.S. In MineBlocks, can you find a way to have command blocks and other redstone ideas? Thanks Zanzlanz.

Great job Zanzlanz for creating commands!

MineBlocks246's Recipe Book

This is a recipe book for all of the recipes currently avaliable for Mine BLocks. Add on the recipe if you would like, but please do it in my format. :)

Recipes 1-50:

Easy Recipes

Basic-1: Wooden planks