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The Overworld is the place where the player spawns. It is a randomly generated world that resembles Earth.


Most of the mobs in Mine Blocks are found in the overworld. In creative, though, ALL mobs can be spawned in ANY dimension. The mobs that spawn on dirt/grass during daytime are:

The mobs that spawn when/where it is dark are:

The rest of the mobs that spawn in the Overworld are:

  • Squid- Only spawns in water.
  • Slime- Only spawns below y-level 40(?).

In survival mode, the flaming chicken can be spawned when a chicken is set on fire.


Many blocks are indigenous to the Overworld. Some of these blocks include grass, dirt and stone. See the list here.

World Generator

The world generator for the overworld is quite complex and cannot be described in words exactly. There are seven unique biomes:

  • Forest
  • Plain
  • Mushroom
  • Mountain
  • Water
  • Ruins
  • Desert

All of the biomes besides the desert biome can be part of a snowy biome.

After biomes are created, the following systems are added:

Unique features

  • In the overworld, time can be shown in the sky. The sun is up during the day and the moon comes out at night. The sky turns orange during the sunset and sunrise, and turn into stars during the night.
  • A portal can be built to the Nether.
  • At the top of the world, a skyhold spawns, which contains the portal to the End.


  • The world that is scrolled through on the main menu is the Overworld.


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