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Items are anything that can show up in the player's inventory. Items can be found in various ways. The most common way to collect items is by mining blocks and killing monsters. To collect an item, the player must walk into the dropped item, making it jump into the inventory.


Thumbnail Apple
Thumbnail Baked potato
Thumbnail Bread
Thumbnail Cake
Thumbnail Candy apple
Thumbnail Candy cane
Thumbnail Caramel
Thumbnail Carrot
Thumbnail Chicken nugget
Thumbnail Cocoa bean
Thumbnail Cooked bacon
Thumbnail Cooked chicken
Thumbnail Cooked porkchop
Thumbnail Cooked egg
Thumbnail Cookie
Thumbnail Golden apple
Thumbnail Golden carrot
Thumbnail Lemon
Thumbnail Orange
Thumbnail Raw bacon
Thumbnail Raw beef
Thumbnail Raw chicken
Thumbnail Raw porkchop
Thumbnail Rotten flesh
Thumbnail Soup
Thumbnail Steak (Cooked beef)
Thumbnail Ice cream
Thumbnail Lemonade
Thumbnail Apple juice
Thumbnail Orange juice

Building Materials

Thumbnail Bamboo block
Thumbnail Bricks
Thumbnail Coal block
Thumbnail Cobblestone
Thumbnail Diamond block
Thumbnail Dirt
Thumbnail Glass
Thumbnail Glowstone
Thumbnail Gold block
Thumbnail Gravel
Thumbnail Iron block
Thumbnail Lapis lazuli block
Thumbnail Netherrack
Thumbnail Nether brick
Thumbnail Nether bricks
Thumbnail Moss stone
Thumbnail Obsidian
Thumbnail Portal stone
Thumbnail Sand
Thumbnail Sandstone
Thumbnail Snow
Thumbnail Stone
Thumbnail Wooden planks


Thumbnail Dandelion
Thumbnail Rose
Thumbnail Brown mushroom
Thumbnail Red mushroom


Thumbnail Wooden pickaxe
Thumbnail Stone pickaxe
Thumbnail Iron pickaxe
Thumbnail Gold pickaxe
Thumbnail Diamond pickaxe
Thumbnail Wooden shovel
Thumbnail Stone Shovel
Thumbnail Iron shovel
Thumbnail Gold shovel
Thumbnail Diamond shovel
Thumbnail Wooden axe
Thumbnail Stone axe
Thumbnail Iron axe
Thumbnail Gold axe
Thumbnail Diamond axe
Thumbnail Wooden hoe
Thumbnail Stone hoe
Thumbnail Iron hoe
Thumbnail Gold hoe
Thumbnail Diamond hoe
Thumbnail Wooden sword
Thumbnail Stone sword
Thumbnail Iron sword
Thumbnail Gold sword
Thumbnail Diamond sword
Thumbnail Shears

Armor and Accessories

Thumbnail Leather helmet
Thumbnail Leather chestplate
Thumbnail Leather leggings
Thumbnail Leather boots
Thumbnail Iron helmet
Thumbnail Iron Chestplate
Thumbnail Iron leggings
Thumbnail Iron boots
Thumbnail Gold helmet
Thumbnail Gold chestplate
Thumbnail Gold leggings
Thumbnail Gold boots
Thumbnail Diamond helmet
Thumbnail Diamond chestplate
Thumbnail Diamond leggings
Thumbnail Diamond boots
Thumbnail Dragon scale helmet
Thumbnail Dragon scale chestplate
Thumbnail Dragon scale leggings
Thumbnail Dragon scale boots
Thumbnail Afro
Thumbnail Party hat
Thumbnail Santa hat