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|type=Solid, block.
|mine with=anything
|mine with=Hand.
|stackable=Yes, 64.
|found naturally=In abundance!
|found naturally=Yes.

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Type:Solid, block.
Mine with:Hand.
Stackable:Yes, 64.
Found naturally:Yes.

Dirt is arguably the second most common resource in Mine Blocks, after stone. It is very easily found in forest biomes, plain biomes, mountain biomes, and mushroom biomes. It can be mined with the hand. When a block of dirt has no solid blocks at least up to 3 blocks above it, it will eventually switch to a grass block. When tilled with a hoe, it switches to farmland.

Dirt is good for growing trees, flowers, mushrooms, and sugarcane. It also is the only block that passive mobs, such as pigs and cows spawn on.


Dirt and grass found in a plain biome.



  • Since the dirt block only checks 3 blocks above it, it maybe change to dirt underground.

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