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A biome is a type of terrain in Mine Blocks. There are a total of 7 biomes in Mine Blocks.

Biome Details


A forest biome.

The forest biome is by far the most important biome in the game. If a forest biome doesn't generate in a survival world, the player might have a very hard time advancing. The reason why is because forests are the only biomes that can grow trees. Trees provide wood, a resource essential for crafting tools. The only other way to receive wood is by finding it in chests which can be found in ruins and dungeons.
Trees in a forest may grow apples, lemons, and oranges. That's why forests can provide extra sources of food.

Forests (as well as plains) also grow mushrooms, flowers, sugarcane, bamboo, pumpkins, long grass, and shrubs.

The floor of a forest is primarily consisted of grass and dirt, but the terrain generator might add gravel too.


Plains are long, flat stretches of dirt with flowers, tall grass, mushrooms, sugarcane and sometimes snow.

An example of a Plain biome.

An example of a Plain biome.


An example of a desert biome.

The desert biome is sandy, flat biome. It is the only biome to grow cactus. The desert biome can be used for making glass and finding big amounts of water. The desert biome mainly consists of sand, and a medium amount of clay (used to make bricks.)

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A biome that has land coming up. Doesn't have trees on it.


A water biome is an ocean in mine blocks. One of the on-land water biomes includes a waterfall. Most water biomes contain sand. Oceans contain seaweed and coral.


Ruins can be found in the overworld of Mine Blocks. Most contain chests full of precious goods. The ruin itself is made up of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. Ruins can have different chest amounts and ruins can spawn different items. You could find a chest with a bunch of diamonds, or you could find a chest with a wooden pickaxe. Some other things you can find in these chests are redstone, iron ingots, stone tools, wood, and cocoa beans.


Mushroom Biomes are made up of giant mushrooms and a block called mycelium. You can also encounter an animal called a mushroom. These are cows with mushrooms on their backs. If you shift click on it with a bowl, you will get mushroom stew. When a mooshroom is killed, it has a chance of dropping raw beef, leather, and mushrooms.