Snow block

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Snow block

Snow block.png

Name:Snow block
Type:Solid block
Mine with:Shovel, shear
Found naturally:Generates during snow

The snow block is a decorative block used to spawn the snow golem.


When mined with a shovel or shears, the snow block will drop itself. It is broken the fastest when using a iron or golen shovel or above. Otherwise, it will drop nothing.

Snow (weather)

Snow blocks generate in block wide holes when it snows in snow biomes.


The snow block is crafted using four snow balls.

Snow ball Snow ball
Snow ball Snow ball
Snow block


Snow golem

When a pumpkin is placed onto two snow blocks on top of each other, it will spawn a snow golem.

Crafting recipes

The snow block can be used to craft ice, which can otherwise only be obtained as an item by mining ice with a pickaxe enchanted with silk touch.

Snow block Snow block
Snow block Snow block

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