Iron pickaxe

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Iron pickaxe

Iron pickaxe.png

Name:Iron pickaxe

The iron pickaxe is a good pickaxe that you will use sometime. It is better than a Stone Pickaxe but worse than a Diamond Pickaxe.
It is used to mine gold and diamond ore. It also can mine other than gold and diamond ore, but with faster speed.
This will help you choose the pickaxes:

Gold pickaxes: Mines at fastest speed, but can't mine obsidian and it has low durability.
Iron pickaxes: Has a lot more durability than Gold pickaxes but have lower durability than Diamond pickaxes and mines at slower speed than Gold & Diamond pickaxes.
Diamond pickaxes: Can mine obsidian and has highest durability but it's kind of rare and mines at slower speed than Gold pickaxes.


Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Iron Ingot
Empty Stick Empty
Empty Stick Empty
Iron Pickaxe

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