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Spawn Eggs

Spawn EggsAnim.gif

Name:Spawn Eggs
Type:Item, creative
Found naturally:No

Spawn Eggs are items that can only be obtainable in Creative Mode. This type of egg holds the qualities of spawning certain mobs. However, the mob it spawns depends on the type of spawn egg the player is holding. To use this item you will need to shift-click on a surface and the mob will spawn.

All spawn eggs can be found on the last page of the item library in Creative Mode.

List of Spawn Eggs

There are currently 19 different spawn eggs available in the game. Here they are:

Egg Image Mob Spawned
Blaze Egg.png Blaze
Chicken Egg.png Chicken
Cow Egg.png Cow
Creeper egg.png Creeper
Enderman Egg.png Enderman
Magma Cube Egg.png Magma cube
Mooshroom Egg.png Mooshroom
Nethereye Egg.png Nethereye
Pig Egg.png Pig
Sheep Egg.png Sheep
Skeleton Egg.png Skeleton
Slime Egg.png Slime
Spider Egg.png Spider
Wolf Egg.png Wolf
Zombie Egg.png Zombie
Squidegg.png Squid
Rabbitegg.png Rabbit
Ghastegg.png Ghast
Pigmanegg.png Zombie pigman
Enderdragonegg.png Ender dragon


  • Before the update of 1.26, spawn eggs never existed.
  • To spawn a mob in Creative mode, there were buttons to spawn each mob.


  • There are 20 different types of spawn eggs.
  • Several Spawn Eggs can be accessed only through commands.
  • Typing give spawn_egg 1 0 {type:"dog"} will give a spawn egg that will spawn a wolf instead.


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