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Wooden axe.png

Type:Item, Tool

Axes are tools used to ease the process of collecting wood and other wooden objects, but are not required to gather them.


Natural Generation

A damaged stone axe can be found in a bonus chest. Wooden and stone axes can also generate inside loot chests in ruins, dungeons, and the skyhold.


Axes are crafted using three tool materials and two sticks.

Diamond Diamond Empty
Diamond Stick Empty
Empty Stick Empty



The axe is used to mine wood and wooden based blocks faster. It is not needed as much as the pickaxe. Compared to the axe, breaking these things by hand is still pretty quick.


Axes can be used to deal more damage to mobs than by hand, however an axe does half a heart less damage than a sword of the same material, and uses up two durability points when used to deal damage to mobs. This makes them a less used weapon than swords because they are crafted with three tool materials as opposed to two, however they do less damage and do not last as long, making the sword the better option.


There are five types of axes, each with different mining speeds and durability.

Axe Material Uses Comments
Wooden axe
Wooden planks 60 Easiest axe to craft, however also the slowest. Can be found in the bonus chest and loot chest.
Stone axe
Cobblestone 130 Second easiest to craft, and slightly faster than the wooden axe. Can also be found in the bonus chest and loot chest.
Iron axe
Iron ingot 251 Slightly harder to craft, however quite fast.
Gold axe
Gold ingot 33 Fastest mining speed, however it is not recommended for regular use as it has very low durability, so it uses up a lot of gold quickly.
Diamond axe
Diamond 1500 Faster mining speed than the iron axe, however slightly slower than gold. It has a lot of durability for how much it costs.

Data Values

Different axes have different item ids.

Here is a table:

Wooden axe
Stone axe
Iron axe
Golden axe
Diamond axe


Version Date Changes
Prior to 1.4.34 Day 11
  • Added axes

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