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Pickaxes are tools used to mine more items and to mine faster.

[edit] Types

===Wood=== - The most basic type of pickaxe, and the weak, but more durable than golden one. One of the first things you should make in a Survival world. Wooden picks can mine cobblestone and coal ore. Had 60 uses

===Stone=== - This can mine more basic items,namely iron ore and topaz ore. Has ~130 uses

===Iron=== - Can mine everything but obsidian. Has 251 uses.

===Gold=== - Can mine everything, but only can be used thirty-three times, thus, we highly suggust on not using it, expect diamonds.

===Diamond=== - Can mine everything except for bedrock. Has over 1500 uses.

[edit] Trivia

  • All kinds of pickaxes cannot mine bedrock in Survival mode.


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