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Pickaxes are used to mine quicker, and to mine more things. To craft a pickaxe get 3 wooden planks, cobblestone, iron ingots, gold ingots, or diamonds, and 2 sticks/bamboo and combine it as shown in the instructions. (Which will show up when pressing H)

[edit] Types

  • Wood - Most basic type, and the weakest of all. One of the first things you should make. Wooden picks can mine rock and coal.
  • Stone - More durable and reliable. Can mine basics like iron ore and topaz ore.
  • Iron - Can mine everything but obsidian and obviously bedrock (Version 1.22.6).
  • Gold - Can mine everything, but only has thirty uses. Highly suggest against it.
  • Diamond- Can mine everything except bedrock.


[edit] Trivia

  • Different kinds of Pickaxe may found on Mines
  • Any Kinds of Pickaxe Cannot Destroy Bedrocks


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