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A pickaxe is required to obtain any stone, and must be of a suitable material for different minerals.


[edit] General

  • Bedrock cannot be broken by any means in Survival mode.

[edit] Recipe

3 x head material across the top row, and 2 sticks/bamboo vertically below the centre. Head materials below.

Wooden plank Wooden plank Wooden plank
Empty Stick Empty
Empty Stick Empty
Wooden pickaxe

[edit] Types

Successive types include the abilities of previous ones.

[edit] None

Collects: glow stone, odd rock, bone.

Breaks: netherrack, sandstone, rock/cobble, coal, iron, lapis, redstone, obsidian, topaz, end stone, ender gem.

You can punch your way out of a bad spawn, but you won't get anything useful from it.

[edit] Wood (planks)

Collects: rock/cobblestone (as cobblestone), coal, sandstone, coral, end stone.

Breaks: netherrack, iron, lapis, redstone, obsidian, topaz, ender gem.

60 uses.

The only pick craftable without prior tools. Fine for rocks, but don't use on ores or you'll lose them.

[edit] Stone (cobblestone)

Collects: netherrack, iron, topaz.

Breaks: lapis lazuli, redstone, obsidian, ender gem.

130 uses.

Decent, disposable general-purpose pick when you don't need better.

[edit] Iron (ingots)

Collects: lapis lazuli, redstone, gold, diamond, ender gem.

Breaks: obsidian.

251 uses.

Collects almost everything it breaks.

[edit] Gold (ingots)

33 uses.

Same as Iron. Gold is very weak and better saved for items that need it than wasted on equipment.

[edit] Diamond (gems)

Collects: obsidian.

>1500 uses.


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