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Type:liquid, natural
Found naturally:In oceans

Water is an important liquid resource in Mine Blocks. It can be collected with a bucket. Water is found on the surface of the world naturally, as well as found in underground caverns. If it rains, water can be collected in 1x1 holes in the ground. If it snows, water may turn into ice. When ice breaks, it turns back into water.

Water flows with gravity.


  • Your player will take damge in increments of 1 heart if you stay in deep water longer than your air bar can hold.
  • Water can remove the burning effect from mobs.
  • Water disappears into smoke in the Nether.
  • When it's raining the rain water can fill in 1x1 ground holes.
  • You can make unlimited sources of water, because when there is an empty space between two water sources that space will be filled with a water source.


  • 1.27: The texture of water was updated.

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