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This is a guide that you can use to learn how to survive the first few nights and progress further into the game, you can find the controls here.

Creating A World

To play Mine Blocks, you must first create a world. If you would like a beginning advantage, check the "bonus chest" option, this will spawn you with an extra chest that has some loot to start you off

Day 1

You should start by cutting down trees for wood. (Cutting down fruit trees will provide you with food as well.)

Using the crafting interface in your inventory, you can craft one wood into four wooden planks.

Wood Empty
Empty Empty
Wooden planks

From these planks you can craft a crafting table, like so:

Wooden planks Wooden planks
Wooden planks Wooden planks
Crafting table

Once you have the crafting table, You should right-click to place it on the ground.

A placed crafting table will give you a larger crafting interface, allowing you to craft items with more complex recipes.

Sticks are a useful material because it allows you to craft tools to help with specific tasks, here's the crafting recipe

Wooden planks Empty
Wooden planks Empty

From here, you should craft a wooden pickaxe to mine stone related objects.

Wooden planks Wooden planks Wooden planks
Empty Stick Empty
Empty Stick Empty
Wooden Pickaxe

Now that you have your pickaxe, you should either find a cliff or dig downwards a bit until you reach stone, when you mine it with your pick, you will get cobblestone which can be used to craft new things and be used as an upgrade to wooden tools.

Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone
Empty Stick Empty
Empty Stick Empty
Stone Pickaxe

Now you should also make a furnace to smelt ores and cook food!

Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone
Cobblestone Empty Cobblestone
Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone

Now it's time to build a nice house before nighttime. You can either make a building in the middle of flat ground, or you can dig into a cliff. You should place your furnace and crafting table inside your house and craft

What to do during Night 1

You should create a stone sword to help you fight mobs during nighttime and when you're deep underground.

{BigCrafting |2=Cobblestone |2=Cobblestone.png |5=Cobblestone |5=Cobblestone.png |8=Stick |8pic=Stick.png |output=Swords |outputname=Stone Sword |outputpic=Stone sword.png }}

You should go outside to find a cave to go n

  • and then to make an iron ingot the furnace is needed

Iron ore
Iron ingot


  • none

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