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Key bindings are the keyboard buttons used for the player to interact with the game screen.

Default Key Bindings

It is possible to change the key bindings by either going to 'Home Screen', then 'Settings/Skins', then 'Key Bindings', or pausing, then going to 'Options', then 'Key Bindings'.

These are the key bindings by default.

Key(s): Action
D/Right Move right
A/Left Move left
W/Up/Space Jump
S/Down Sneak
E Open and exit inventory
Q Drop items
R Open task list
T Open commands
H Open help
Shift Combine with click for alternate action
Esc Open pause menu and exit inventory, task list, and commands
F1 Hide HUD
F2 Take screenshot
1 through 9 Select hot bar item

Other Key Bindings

These controls do not appear in the options, and cannot be changed:

Key(s): Action
Double tapping the movement keys Sprint
Double tapping the jump key Fly (only available on Creative)
Shift + drop item key Drop the entire selected stack

Mouse Bindings

Button Action
Left Click Attack/Mine
Right Click (1.29+) Use Item/Place Block
Middle Click (1.30+) Pick Block
Scroll Wheel Cycle Through Hotbar/HUD
Shift Click (1.4.34-1.28) Use Item/Place Block


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