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Skins are the graphics of the main player in Mine Blocks. The ability to customize skins was added in Mine Blocks update 1.26. Prior to this update, the permanent skin was set to Frank.

Default Skin

The default skin is Frank, designed by Prodevus.

Player Skins

You can access the skin settings by going to "Settings/Skins" in the main menu or pause menu, and clicking on "Character skin".

In the skins settings, under the "Skin database", there are thousands of player skins, sorted into featured, new, and best categories. There is also a search box to find skins by name or author. The same database can be searched from the Mine Blocks website.

You can also make your own skins to use for yourself, or upload to the skin database by following the steps under the "Upload skin" menu. Basic instructions on how to make a skin can be found at

Skins submitted to the database are moderated, and may take a very long time to show up, depending on how many skins are waiting for moderation. There is a graph that keeps track of the number of skins submitted to the database, as well as which skins had been moderated.

Spawning Skins

A spawnskin is a mob that is used for loading an online skin as a mob in a Mine Blocks world. Spawnskin AI is similar to a passive zombie, and they no sound effects or drops.

A spawnskin can be spawned by using the spawnskin command. The command spawns the specified "skin ID", which can be found in both of the following places:

  • In the skin database, when viewing the details of a skin
  • The numbers at the end of a skin's URL on the Mine Blocks website

Here are three examples of skin IDs and their corresponding skin pages:


  • IGP was the first person to make a custom skin for Mine Blocks. Before skins were made customizable, a custom version of Mine Blocks was sent to The Indie Game Promoter (IGP) for his Let's Play series of Mine Blocks, where the player graphics were swapped with IGP's personalized skin. After customizable skins were officially released, Zanzlanz uploaded IGP's skin as skin #8.

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