How to make a skin

Step 1:

  • Download an existing skin. Use the templates at the bottom of the page.

Step 2:

  • Edit the skin in your favorite image editor. Here's what I do: I use the "Pencil Tool" in GIMP and I have "hard edge" enabled on the Eraser Tool.
  • Export it as a PNG file.
  • BUT WAIT: If you don't use any transparency in your image - like you have a solid color background, anything that has the same color as the second pixel diagonal from the top-left will be turned invisible! So, don't use the background color for any part of the character, because it will become transparent! For example, if you use a solid white background, the white eyes or white teeth will also become transparent.

Step 3:

  • Open the latest version of Mine Blocks.
  • On the main menu, go to Settings/Skins -> Character skin -> Upload skin.
  • You can either load it for personal use, or submit it to the database for everyone to use.
  • Simply follow the steps!

Download Default Skin Template

"Frank" - the Default Skin
Download this skin



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