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Melon slice


Name:Melon slice
Type:Food, Item
Heals:1.5 hunger points

Melon is a food item.


When a melon block is broken with any tool, it drops 3-7 melon slices.


To start a melon farm, melon seeds are required. Currently melons don't spawn naturally, so the player must look for seeds in loot chests of skyholds, dungeons, or ruins, or by breaking long grass, of which the melon seed is a rare drop. Melon seeds have to be planted on farmland in order to grow. Once fully grown, every so often, it has a chance of spawning a melon block next to it, from which you then get 3-7 melons.



Eating a melon slice gives the player 1.5 hunger point back.

Crafting Ingredient

Melon can be made into melon seed.

Melon Empty
Empty Empty
Melon seed

A melon is required in the crafting recipe for a glistering melon.

Gold nugget Gold nugget Gold nugget
Gold nugget Melon Gold nugget
Gold nugget Gold nugget Gold nugget
Glistering melon

Nine melons are required to craft a melon block.

Melon Melon Melon
Melon Melon Melon
Melon Melon Melon
Melon block


Version Date Changes
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Added melons.


  • The melon and the glistering melon are flipped 90 degrees compared to each other.
  • In the image files of Mine Blocks, melon is referred to as a melon slice, while its id and in game name are both melon.

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