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Mine with:Hand, Axe
Found naturally:No
Item ID:bed

The bed is a crafted block that allows the player to skip the night and set the time to daytime.


The bed can be broken with anything, but using an axe will speed up the process.


The bed is crafted out of three wooden planks and three pieces of wool, making it fairly simple for the player to obtain early on.

Empty Empty Empty
Wool Wool Wool
Wooden planks Wooden planks Wooden planks


The player can use a bed by holding shift (or whatever the "right click" key is bound to) and left-clicking the bed. The player can use it as long as it in range of the player's crosshair.


Using a bed in the Overworld results in the player "sleeping", which instantly causes the time to be set to daytime. This means the player does not have to deal with the mobs that spawn because of the darkness at night. A bed does not have to be used inside of a player-built structure; it can be used in an open, natural area, making a "portable" bed useful for exploring. If a player attempts to use a bed during daytime, the player will get the message "You can only sleep at night!".


Attempting to use a bed in either the Nether or the End results in an explosion similar to that caused by a creeper or primed TNT.


When on a bed, the player is able to jump three blocks high instead of two.


  • Beds can be placed upon non-solid blocks, which can be used for aesthetic purposes.
  • The blocks under a bed can be removed while leaving the bed intact, causing the bed to remain in midair. This is normal behavior since a bed is a solid block.
  • Despite the bed being shorter than a normal block, it behaves as a normal block in terms of collisions.
  • When the player stands on top of a bed, they will appear to be floating about a third of a block above it.
  • In the current version, bed cannot be placed on moss, or on a block with moss on the adjacent block to the right.


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