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Type:Liquid, Natural
Mine with:Collect with bucket
Found naturally:Yes

Acid is a liquid in found in caves and in special rooms within the sky hold. Like all liquids, it can be collected with a bucket and is held back by backdrops. Acid is similar to lava, causing damage when coming in contact with the player and destroying items, but flows similarly to water and allows the same swimming speed. Unlike lava, downward flowing acid destroys dirt, grass, wood, leaves, sand, and gravel on contact, and does not cause wood-based blocks to catch fire.

Like lava, acid gives off light brighter than a single torch, but with a smaller radius. A player spotting light in a cave should consider the possibility of the source being a pool of acid, and should explore with caution.



  • Acid is not a feature of Minecraft
  • Strangely, downward flowing acid will not destroy mycellium, leaf blocks with fruits in them, crafting tables, note blocks, or bookshelves, even though these blocks are related to blocks that are destroyed by acid.
  • Another similarity of acid to lava is that adding water to a flowing block of acid will create cobblestone. This is strange, since in real life, lava is a form of molten rock which solidifies when cooled by water. Adding water to acid only results in diluting the acid.


  • When you type the command / give consege acid is an acid block
  • By experimenting with cobblestone on acid, you can get the acid block dropped.

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