Zombie Pigman

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Zombie Pigman
Zombie Pigman.png
Drops:0-1 rotten flesh, 0-1 gold nugget, 1 gold ingot (2.5%), 1 Golden sword (8.5%), 1 nether wart

The zombie pigman is a neutral mob that spawns in the Nether.


Zombie pigmen spawn in the Nether, usually in groups, also a zombie pigman can spawn from a pig that has been struck by lightning.


They drop 0-1 rotten flesh, 0-1 gold nugget, 1 gold ingot (2.5%), 1 golden sword (8.5%), 1 nether wart and experience points.


A zombie pigman will not be aggressive unless the player attacks them, and if there are more than one they will make a team to defeat you.


  • Zombie Pigmen share similar traits to wolves. They will call other mobs of their kind nearby to help them.
  • Zombie Pigmen like other nether mobs, with the only exceptions being the enderman and the nethereye, are immune to fire damage.


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