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Wolves are neutral mobs that can be tamed into dogs.


Wolves only spawn in the day time on grass blocks. Wolves still spawn in the peaceful difficulty.


The wolf drops nothing but a small amount of xp when killed by the player. This, and the danger that comes with damaging wolves, makes them rarely hunted by players.


Wolves are neutral mobs. If left alone, they will wander around, jump in place and yip. Wolves can jump two blocks high. If there is a sheep or rabbit nearby, a wolf will chase and cause damage to it.

If a wolf is attacked, it becomes aggravated. It will follow the player, growl, and do damage if it gets close enough. This also makes it no longer able to be tamed.

If a non-aggravated wolf is given enough bones, it turns into a dog, which has a different skin and a very different behavior.


# Task Objective
12 Tame a Wolf. Tame a wolf into a dog (using bones on the wolf).


Version Date Changes
1.22.4 Jul 19, 2012
  • Added wolves (can be tamed)
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Lowered the volume of the wolf barking sounds (Suggested by pmaguire13)



  • Wolves no longer provoke other wolves when hit by the player, and will also no longer chase the player or mobs. Hostile wolves can still cause damage if they make contact with their target by chance, however.


  • Wolves are one of the few mobs that can attack the player in peaceful mode, the others being the snow golem, the flaming chicken, and the ender dragon.
  • If other wolves are nearby when one is hit, they will all chase and attack the player. (Currently does not work, see bugs above)
  • If a wolf comes in contact with a rabbit or a sheep, the wolf will become aggravated at it, and if it kills it the items will drop from the killed animal.


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