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Times of day are different times when brightness and the sky change in the overworld. The player can view the time of the day by using a clock or by viewing the background.


In daytime, there is a lot of natural light on the surface. Trees can grow during this period of the day, hostile mobs will not spawn (unless there are odd torches or the player is undergoround), spiders become neutral mobs, and skeletons and zombies will start to burn.


Night time is more dangerous than daytime in the overworld. Because it is dark, mobs are able to spawn on the surface anywhere there is no artificial light.


  • In creative mode, the daytime can be set by using the command /time set 1.
  • The night time can be skipped with the inventory button Skip Night or by sleeping.
  • As there is no moon cycle in the game, at night time the moon is always full.
  • In addition to the clock, the command /time get can be used to view the exact time it is in the world (requires having cheats enabled in the world).
  • The day cycle can be stopped or resumed by using the command /gamerule dodaylightcycle true|false
  • There is no day cycle in the Nether nor in The End, and the clock won't work there.

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