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Survival mode is a game mode (and is the main game mode) in Mine Blocks that requires the player to think ahead while playing. The player will need to make food to avoid hunger, make a house to keep out the monsters, mine materials for later use, and craft tools to get other materials. If precautions aren't made, the player may fall into lava and lose all of their items!


The main goal in survival mode is to make a successful house, have lots of rare materials, and live in a perfect world. Once they are ready, the player can go to the end and slay the enderdragon, which completes the game.On a higher note you have the ability to create what you want but, you have limited resources.

Survival Tips and Tricks

  • Here is one good trick to creating water. Wait until it starts raining, and find a snowy area. Collect as much snow and snow blocks as possible. In the crafting table, put 4 snowballs to get a snow block. Combine 4 snow blocks to get ice! Place the ice and break it to get water.
  • Make sure your house is well lit with torches or other means of lighting. monsters can spawn anywhere there is a dark spot.
  • Make an adequate house as soon as possible. It doesn't matter if it's made of dirt, wood, or rock, but as soon as the sun goes down, you want a place to stay where monsters can't get to you. Monsters can still spawn in your house if it's not well lit.
  • If you have to, make a hidey hole.
  • Don't wast your time on backgrounds, they are there for for decoration.
  • wall off an area of land using simple walls and torches
  • if you hate creepers and other monsters switch to peaceful mode

Best Tips

1. Get Wood from trees. They are essential, because they make Wooden Planks, which make Sticks, which make many tools, such as {[Swords]], Pickaxes, Shovels, Torches, and Axes.

2. Build a shelter before night. Many monsters spawn during night, so build a well lit shelter. Mobs such as Creepers and Zombies are all over.