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Mine with:Anything
Found naturally:Yes
Identifier:red_mushroom brown_mushroom

Mushrooms are a fungus that grow in forest and mushroom biomes.


When mined, mushroom caps drop mushrooms.


Mushrooms have a chance of spawning on mycelium.

Natural generation

Mushrooms generate in forest and mushroom biomes.

Bone meal

When bone meal is used on grass, it has a chance of spawning a mushroom.


Mushrooms can be placed on dirt, grass, and mycelium.

Giant Mushrooms

Bone meal can be used to grow giant mushrooms. These are made up of mushroom caps and mushroom stems, and because they drop mushrooms, growing them is a reliable way to farm mushrooms.

Crafting Ingredient

The red and brown mushrooms are required in the recipe for soup.

Bowl Empty
Red mushroom Brown mushroom

The brown mushroom is required in the recipe for the fermented spider eye.

Spider eye Sugar
Brown mushroom Empty
Fermented spider eye


Version Date Changes
1.17 Oct 12, 2011
  • Added mushrooms
1.22 Unknown
  • Retextured mushrooms


  • The red mushroom looks a lot like a kind of mushroom that can only be found in Russia.
  • The red mushroom is also poisonous in real life.

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