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Key bindings are very important. They open menus or GUIs, place blocks and move you.


By default, you can use the WASD and arrow keys to move, but they can be changed. You can also use the spacebar for jumping.

Open Menus

The defaults are:

  • E= Open the inventory.
  • Shift-left-click= "Right-click" key.
  • T= Open task list..
  • Q=Drop item.
  • H=Open help.
  • /= Open Commands. (Only on Mine Blocks 1.26.5 (and above) and while cheat mode is selected)
  • F2= Take screenshot.

You can always change these key bindings by go to the 'Home Screen', then 'Settings/Skins', then 'Key Bindings'

Other commands

Those commands doesn't appear in the options, and can't be changed.

  • Double A - D (or double left and right arrow keys) = sprint / run.
  • Double W (or Spacebar or up arrow keys) = float (only available on Creative).
  • Shift + Q = Drop an stack of the selected item.