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This is a guide to beginning Mine Blocks and obtaining iron). A guide to the middle game is coming soon.

To play Mine Blocks, you must first create a world. If you would like a beginning advantage, check the bonus chest option; this will give you a chest containing random items.

You should start by cutting down trees for wood. (Cutting down fruit trees will provide you with food as well.)

  • how to craft crafting table
Wooden planks Wooden planks
Wooden planks Wooden planks
Crafting table

  • Now he creates an oven to cook and melt metals
Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone
Cobblestone Empty Cobblestone
Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone

  • and chest!

Wooden planks Wooden planks Wooden planks
Wooden planks Empty Wooden planks
Wooden planks Wooden planks Wooden planks

  • Now it's time to build a nice house just to put blocks you will have to press shift + click while the block you want to put is selected

so that you do not spawn mobs put torchs; note: to open the crafting table the chest etc, you also use shift + click on the object

  • Now you will have to get iron that will serve to improve your house, weapons, etc. It is easy to get only find a mine and when you find an iron ore
Iron Ore


Name:Iron Ore
Type:Solid, natural, ore
Mine with:Stone pickaxe or higher
Found naturally:Yes, in caves and ground

  • and then to make an iron ingot the furnace is needed

Iron ore
Iron ingot


  • none

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