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Found naturally:No

A furnace (also known as a smelter) is a block used to heat and convert items into another form. A furnace (similar to a chest) is considered one of the fundamental blocks required to advance in survival mode.


8 pieces of cobblestone are required to craft a furnace. The crafting design should be a square with the center blank.

Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone
Cobblestone Empty Cobblestone
Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone


Shift-click to open.

  • Top left: items to be smelted. (input)
  • Bottom left: items to be burnt as fuel.
  • Right: items produced. (output)
  • Left indicator: Remaining heat, as a proportion of total heat given by last fuel item consumed.
  • Middle indicator: Per-item smelting progress.


Smelting begins only when both left slots contain items, or input items are added while there is residual heat available.

  • 1. One fuel item is removed and converted to heat. Note: Heat is depleted at a constant rate, regardless of use.
  • 2. Smelt indicator progresses. Note: All smelts have the same heat cost.
    • IF heat runs out before a smelt completes, then more fuel is burnt (1) if available, otherwise the smelt fails. Note: adding fuel afterwards resets progress rather than adding to it.
  • 3. Upon smelt completion, IF there is output space, one input item is removed, and one output item added. Note: If there is no output space, the input item remains, and fuel is continuously consumed.
    • IF input items remain, continue from (2).
  • 4. Once no input items remain, no further fuel is consumed. Any remaining heat will steadily deplete regardless with some waste likely before additional input items can be added to use it.


  • Wood = 3 smelts.
  • Plank = 1 smelt.
    • Wood --> 4x Plank = 4 smelts. Very easy efficiency boost.
  • 2x Stick/Bamboo = 1 smelt. Bamboo is cheaper than planks in terms of abundance, tool wear, and crafting.
  • Wooden tools (Shovel, Hoe, Axe, Pick, Sword) = 3 smelts, regardless of remaining durability. Starter tools have another use when you no longer want them.
    • Wood --> 2x Wooden Shovel = 6 smelts. Requires crafting table, and doesn't stack, but might come in handy.
  • Charcoal = 8 smelts, but costs 1 smelt to produce, so 7 smelts net. But it is renewable.
    • With no other efficiencies, 4x Wood --> 3 Charcoal = 24 smelts, or 6 smelts per Wood initially. Efficiency approaches 7 smelts per Wood as Charcoal-fueled Charcoal production increases.
  • Coal = 8 smelts. Non-renewable.
  • Lava bucket = 128 smelts. Technically non-renewable. Because stacks can only hold 64 items, maximum fuel efficiency requires manually emptying output before full, and feeding input before empty. But this costs more player productivity than it is probably worth.



# Task Objective
8 Make a Furnace. Make a furnace.
CraftingTable.png Wooden pickaxe.png Cobblestone.png


  • Taking something out of the Furnace that was smelting then placing something else in instantly smelts the item that was placed in Furnace.


  • The furnace used to be known as the smelter oven.


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