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Fire is a block that can catch other flammable blocks on fire as well. It can be made by having lava next to a flammable block, igniting a flammable block with flint and steel, and can be made when a flaming chicken touches a flammable block. Some examples of blocks fire can catch on to are: wood, leaves, bookshelf, grass, flowers, bamboo, etc. Fire will infinitely burn on netherrack as long as the player is within 12 blocks of it. [[Flint and steel is required to ignite fire to activate the nether portal. Fire will despawn when the player is not within 12 blocks of the fire when it burns. If the block ignited using flint and steel isn't flammable, fire will appear for a brief second before disappearing. In 1.28, fire can be put on mobs using flint and steel, and will continue to burn mobs until they die. Mobs with raw food drops will have their meat cooked upon fire death.


  • When a fire is made using flint and steel, as long as the fire still burns, a lighter spot can be seen on the screen where the fire was ignited. If the fire spreads, part of the screen will also dimly light up, even when not on screen.