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Type:Food, Item
Heals:2 hunger point x6
Found naturally:No
Item ID:cake
Good Ol' Cake.

Cake heals 2 hunger points each use, for a total of 6 uses.

Cake is a food item made in Mine Blocks. Unlike normal food items, it can't be eaten directly in the inventory. Instead, it must be placed on the ground and shift-clicked.

Each cake block can be 'eaten' a maximum of 6 times.

When mined, it does not drop anything.

Cake is made with 4 elements: three buckets of milk, on the first three slots; two sugar (left and right in the center row), three wheat on the bottom row, and one egg in the center.


All items can be obtained from animals or by farming:

Cake cannot be eaten while in the inventory. You'll have to place the cake block down first and shift click on it in order to eat it.


Bucket_of_milk Bucket of milk Bucket of milk
Sugar Egg Sugar
Wheat Wheat Wheat


Bug fix

  • Buckets can be retrieved after making cake.

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