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Hunger is a important element to the Survival Mode of the game. Food allows you to sprint, unless your hunger bar has gone down to 3 sprites. Food can be eaten by shift clicking when holding the item.

[edit] Foods

Item Gives Comments
Apples 2 Hearts Can be found on trees.
Oranges 2 Hearts Can be found on trees.
Lemons 3 hearts Can be found on trees
Cookies 1 Heart Can be crafted with wheat and cocoa beans, which can be found in ruins or farmed.
Raw pork chops 2 Hearts Dropped by pigs. Can be made into cooked pork chops
Cooked pork chops 4 Hearts See Raw Pork Chop, above.
Caramel 1 Heart Made by smelting sugar.
Cake 2 Hearts To place, shift+click on block and shift+click again to eat

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