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Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod.png

Name:Fishing Rod
Type:Item, tool
Item ID:fishing_rod

A fishing rod is a tool used for fishing. Alternatively it is used as an intermediate step for crafting the carrot on a stick.



There is a chance of catching a fishing rod while fishing. It is part of the treasure category.


The fishing rod can be crafted using three sticks and two pieces of string.

Empty Empty Stick
Empty Stick String
Stick Empty String
Fishing rod


Crafting Ingredient

Fishing rod Empty
Empty Carrot
Carrot on a stick

Flinging Mobs

The fishing rod can be cast at mobs, and if the player shift clicks again, it will fling the mob in the opposite direction which the cursor is in. The fishing rod itself does not cause damage to the mob.


If a fishing rod is cast (by shift-clicking) into any amount of water, it will float on top of the water and after a while it will bob up and if the player reels it in quickly by shift clicking again they will catch an item. The items that can be caught include: Fishing rod is used for fishing, those are the possible rewards that you can get by fishing:

This tool can be enchanted as well.


Version Date Changes
1.24 Dec 22, 2012
  • Added the fishing rod (does not yet work)
    • Used to craft the carrot on a stick
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • The fishing rod can be used for fishing

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