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The Ender Dragon is the first boss in Mine Blocks.

It is very hard to kill! You'll probably need enchanted diamond armor, an enchanted diamond sword, and a bow with infinity enchantment or a reasonable amount of bone shurikens. It drops 60 Dragon scales, an active Ender Portal, a chest containing 8 diamonds,around 45 xp levels, and the dragon egg on death. The ender dragon causes massive damage to anything but obsidian, obsidian backdrop, bedrock, endstone, and ender gem ore.



  • The dragon has two attacks. One is a charge attack, where the dragon tries to charge at you. It does about three hearts of damage.
  • The other attack is the dragon spitting out an explosive flame wave. It does about one heart for each of the small fireballs the wave consists of.
  • The dragon has 127 hearts.


  • The Ender Dragon is the boss that you beat the game by defeating.
  • The Ender Dragon is female, which explains why she drops the dragon egg.
  • The Ender Dragon can be healed by an ender Healing Crystal. Destroy the healing crystal while the Ender Dragon is healing, because that does damage to the Ender Dragon by the resulting explosion.


1.23: First appearance
1.24: Shortened ender dragon spawning text in Creative

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