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Weather is a system of precipitation and brightness that occurs in the Overworld. There are three types of weather: clear, rain, and thunder.


Clouds are visible as a varied stripe moving against the background that straddles world coordinates y = 123(upper) and 122(lower). During rain and thunder, all rain and snow falls from these two layers. Any blocks above these layers will not experience the effects of precipitation.

Clouds also become darker during rain and thunder.


Suitable blocks at the lower cloud layer or below will stop rain and snow reaching the area beneath them. Barriers include solid blocks and water.

Puddles, snow, and moss can form as high as the upper cloud layer, while ice and snow blocks can form on the lower.


Precipitation falls in the form of rain in most areas, however deserts experience no precipitation.

Contact effects:

  • Water blocks (puddles) form in 1x1 holes with a dirt floor and dirt walls.
  • Moss forms on stone and cobblestone.


Precipitation falls in the form of snow in snowy areas. These areas can generate in any biome.

Contact effects:

  • Ice replaces water.
  • Snow forms on most surfaces.
  • Snow blocks replace snow given walls, and can pile as deep as the walls allow.


The game will become darker during certain types of weather.

In clear weather, the brightness is normal.

During rain, the game will appear darker.

During thunder the game will appear even darker than it does during rain.

At night, rain and thunder will make the screen almost completely black.


During thunder, lightning occurs every so often. Thunder sounds are played and the screen can flash slightly yellow. Lightning can spawn from the clouds, and it will look like a yellow branch. If it hits a mob or the player, it can cause damage, or even death. lightning can be summoned with commands by using the command /lightning ~ ~.


The /weather command can be used to manipulate the weather. These are its parameters: /weather <get|set [clear|rain|thunder]>

Typing /weather get outputs the current weather. The player can change the weather by typing /weather set [clear|rain|thunder], eg. /weather set clear sets the weather to clear.


Version Date Changes
Prior to 1.4.34 Day 15
  • Added snow biomes
Prior to 1.4.34 Day 19
  • Added rain
  • Added snow
  • Made thunder sounds in storms
  • Made moss form in rain
Prior to 1.4.34 Day 20
  • Added rain sound loops
  • Rain may seep through leaves
  • Snow blocks form in 1x1 areas while it snows
  • Puddles form in 1x1 areas while it rains
  • It gets darker while it's raining
  • Weather is now random
1.7 Unknown
  • Snow can turn lava and acid into obsidian
  • Lowered rain sound volume
  • Rain and snow pause when the game pauses
  • No raining in deserts
1.21 May 27, 2012
  • Loud rain noises fixed
1.23 Oct 31, 2012
  • Rain bugs fixed
  • Rain can be collected in 1x1 blocks again
  • Snowy regions are saved when a player exits
  • Snow and snow blocks are placed correctly when snowing
1.26.5 Jul 3, 2014
  • Added weather command
  • Tweaked rain sound effect
  • Snow doesn't form on lily pads
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Fixed loud and strange rain sound effect

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