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Swords in Mine Blocks are available in 5 different types: wooden, stone, iron, golden, and diamond - each of which have different durability and lethality. To use a sword, simply click in the direction of a mob (in reach). The mob will take damage if hit and the sword will have increased damage.

Crafting recipe

To create any sword put a stick or bamboo in the bottom row of the crafting section then put two wooden planks, cobblestone, iron ingots, gold ingots, or diamonds above the stick.

Empty Tool material Empty
Empty Tool material Empty
Empty Stick Empty


The durability (amount of uses until the tool breaks) for swords is calculated just like the rest of the tools. The following table shows the durability for the 5 different types of swords:

Type: Durability (uses)
Wooden 60
Stone 132
Iron 251
Golden 30
Diamond 1562


  • Golden swords are as powerful as diamond swords, but have less durability

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