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|type=Solid, natural
|mine with=Any pickaxe
|found naturally=In abundance!

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Type:Solid, block, natural.
Mine with:Pickaxe.
Stackable:Yes, 64.
Found naturally:Yes.

Stone (Also known as smooth stone, or rock) is the most common resource in MineBlocks. It exists only a few blocks under the player's feet. It is easily mined, as it only requires a wooden pickaxe to mine. When mined, it drops cobblestone, which is required to craft the next tier of tools: stone tools.

Stone is a renewable resource. To create it, mix lava and water. Make sure NOT to mix the source blocks - only mix their trails (If the source blocks are mixed, you get a Obsidian block instead). This will generate a cobblestone block where the two liquids meet. You can then mine the cobblestone, and smelt it into regular stone.

Crafting Recipes

Stone Pressure Plate

Empty Empty
Stone Stone
Stone Pressure Plate

Stone Brick

Stone Stone
Stone Stone
Stone Brick



  • Stone must be mined with wood pickaxes or better. So if mined with fist, mushroom, other wood tools or better, etc. It will not drop anything.


  • There is a very rare bug that allows you to get cobblestone with your fist and itself.

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