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Shovels are tools used for excavation faster that with bare hands or other tools. They exist in five tiers: wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond. They are important to excavate gravel in caves to prevent suffocation. You can dig dirt, gravel, and sand with a shovel.


1 x head material across the top row, and 2 sticks/bamboo vertically below the centre.

Head materials below.

Empty Wooden plank Empty
Empty Stick Empty
Empty Stick Empty
Wooden shovel


  • Wooden shovel - Most basic type. It mines 60 blocks.
  • Stone shovel - It mines 132 blocks. (much better, fast replenishable, average speed)
  • Iron shovel - It mines 251 blocks. (Last worth shovel possible)
  • Gold shovel - It mines 33 blocks. (Mines at fastest possible speed but has 30 uses though and is not worth of spend 1 gold. Use them to Golden Apple instead).
  • Diamond shovel - It mines 1562 blocks. (You can make diamond sword instead of this shovel, because you will spend on swords, pickaxes, armor etc.)

All types of shovel can mine the following blocks faster than with the hand: Dirt (mycelium, farmland, etc), sand, snow, clay, and gravel