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Party Hat

Party hat.png

Name:Party Hat
Found naturally:No
Renewable:(depends on dye used)

The party hat is a decorative item that is wearable on the head. It does not provide any armor points to the player.


The party hat is crafted using a piece of paper and any three dyes of different colors. This recipe is shapeless. It is renewable if the player uses renewable dyes, however if the player uses lapis lazuli or any dye which you need it to craft (such as light blue dye and cyan dye), then it is not renewable.

Paper Dye
Dye Dye
Party hat


The party hat can be placed in the helmet slot, or the player can shift click while holding it in their hand. It does not give the player any armor points.


If fired out of a dispenser facing the player and the player is one block next to it, it will automatically equip the party hat onto the player's head.


Version Date Changes
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Added the party hat


  • Crafting a party hat is one of the only uses of the unusable brown, blue, black, and white dyes, which can only be obtained using commands.



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