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Mobs can be fought and killed. To attack a mob, left-click it while while wielding a melee weapon, or right-click it if you are using a ranged weapon. Different weapons include swords and axes (melee) and bows, spears, bone shurikens, and snow balls (ranged). When using a ranged weapon, the player should ensure that they have enough ammunition.



The strength effect adds 3 damage to the player's attack per level, and weakness removes 4 damage per level.

Critical Hits

A critical hit is scored with a melee weapon when the player attacks while falling, which usually grants a small damage increase. Red star-like particles will appear near the mob when a critical hit happens.

Critical hits without a proper weapon deal 2 damage. For weapons, the damage increase is an additional 30%-49% of base damage and enchantment and potion damage. The overall damage is always rounded down before it is applied.

Critical hits also increase knockback by 5 "points".


Any source of damage that is not a weapon will deals 1 damage to mobs.

The base damage is the actual base damage value, however the damage value shows how much damage the weapon does in practice with no enchantments, as the base value is always rounded down.

Weapon Base Damage Damage Critical Damage
All Hoes 1 1 2
Wooden Shovel 1 1 2
Wooden Pickaxe 1.5 1 1-2
Wooden Axe 2 2 2
Wooden Sword 3 3 3-4
Stone Shovel 1 1 2
Stone Pickaxe 2 2 2
Stone Axe 2.5 2 3
Stone Sword 4 4 5
Iron Shovel 1.5 1 1-2
Iron Pickaxe 2.5 2 3
Iron Axe 3 3 3-4
Iron Sword 5.5 5 7-8
Golden Shovel 2 2 2
Golden Pickaxe 3 3 3-4
Golden Axe 3.5 3 4-5
Golden Sword 4.5 4 5-6
Diamond Shovel 2.5 2 3
Diamond Pickaxe 4 4 5
Diamond Axe 4 4 5
Diamond Sword 7 7 9-10
Spear 2 2 2


Weapon Damage Special
Spear 5 Sometimes goes through mobs, being able to be picked up and used again
Bow & Arrow 3 Can be enchanted to make more powerful
Bone Shuriken 3
Snowball 0-1 (33% Chance) Does 1 damage against Blazes and Endermen


Enchantments can be put on certain weapons to increase the damage of them:

  • Sharpness adds damage like this sharpnessLevel + random(0, sharpnessLevel + 1). The random function gives a number greater than or equal to zero and lower than 1 added to the sharpness level.
  • Sharpness I: 1-2 extra damage
  • Sharpness II: 2-4 extra damage
  • Sharpness III: 3-6 extra damage
  • Sharpness IV: 4-8 extra damage
  • Smite adds damage to Undead mobs, in a similar way to Sharpness does generally. Note that if both Smite and Sharpness were on the same sword, extra Smite damage would stack on extra damage from Sharpness when an undead mob is hit.
  • Smite I: 1-2 extra damage
  • Smite II: 2-4 extra damage
  • Smite III: 3-6 extra damage
  • Smite IV: 4-8 extra damage
  • Bane Of Arthropods adds damage to Spiders. The pseudocode for this is BoALevel + 1 + random(0, BoALevel + 2). Like with Smite, this stacks on top of any extra Sharpness damage if both are applied.
  • Bane of Arthropods I: 2-4 extra damage
  • Bane of Arthropods II: 3-6 extra damage
  • Bane of Arthropods III: 4-8 extra damage
  • Knockback causes mobs to be hit back. This stacks on top of knockback caused by a critical hit.
  • Knockback I: 10 "knockback points"
  • Knockback II: 20 "knockback points"
  • Knockback III: 30 "knockback points"
  • Power adds 3 damage per arrow.


Version Date Changes
1.15 Sep 01, 2011
1.17 Oct 09, 2011
  • Sprinting while hitting a mob causes knockback
1.23 Oct 31, 2012
1.24 Dec 22, 2012
  • Snow balls have knockback and may randomly deal small damage
1.27 Nov 13, 2019
  • Tweaked tool damage values
  • Pet dogs can no longer be punched or hit with swords
1.29 Sep 27, 2019
  • Spear damage reduced from 5 to 3
  • Wooden and stone sword base damage reduced by 1; iron by .5; and gold increased by .5
  • Damage dealt by bows is now affected by Power instead of Punch


  • Enchantments can be stacked on one another, dealing more damage than usual.
  • The unobtainable obsidian pickaxe does 6 points of damage, making it stronger than an iron sword with no enchantments.


  • Wooden pickaxes and iron shovels gain no benefit from critical hits.
  • Getting hit by a flaming arrow does not burn the player

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