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Type:Solid, block, natural.
Mine with:Pickaxe
Stackable:Yes, 64.
Found naturally:Yes. In caves, dungeons and sky holds.
Item ID:cobblestone

You can get cobblestone by mining stone. Cobblestone can craft a variety of things:

A furnace (crafted with a crafting table). You can make a furnace by placing stone in all the slots other than the middle slot. swords, pickaxes, shovels, Hoes, and Axes: crafted like you usually would, but with stone.


Cobblestone is a strong and very basic building material. Cobblestone is (obviously) fire-proof. To craft Moss Stone you need to cover cobblestone with moss in a crafting table. You can make cobblestone tools. Furnaces are made the same way as chests, but with cobblestone instead. You can also smelt cobblestone to get smooth Stone.

Crafting recipes


Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone
Cobblestone Empty Cobblestone
Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone

Moss stone

Moss Moss Moss
Moss Cobblestone Moss
Moss Moss Moss
Moss stone