Chest minecart

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Chest minecart

Chest Minecart.png

Name:Chest minecart

The chest minecart, as the name suggests, is a minecart that contains a chest, meaning that it can be used for mobile storage. It is crafted by placing a chest directly above a minecart in the crafting grid. When destroyed, it drops itself and anything that was inside the chest.


The only way to get a chest minecart is through crafting. When hit enough times by the player, the chest minecart drops itself.


A chest minecart is crafted using a chest and a minecart.

Empty Chest Empty
Empty Minecart Empty
Empty Empty Empty
Chest minecart


The chest minecart can be placed on any type or rail. The chest minecart can be powered using a furnace minecart or powered rails. It can also be used to trigger a redstone signal via a detector rail. The main use of the chest minecart is to be used for mobile transportation. Using rails you can get any items or blocks to another destination.


Version Date Changes
1.29 Sep 27, 2019
  • Added the Chest Minecart


  • The chest minecart can trigger a redstone signal via the detector rail.