Bucket of acid

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Bucket of acid

Bucket of Acid.png

Name:Bucket of acid
Found naturally:Yes

The Bucket of Acid, when used, places an acid block which automatically disintegrates some natural blocks like Dirt, Wood and Wooden Planks. Like the Bucket of Lava, the acid can be used to make a Cobblestone farm.


  • Go to a Sky hold or a Cave with an empty Bucket and use it on any acid pool.
  • You can make a cobblestone and lava farm (as mentioned above) with this.
  • You can protect your home with this as well.
  • Can be used to illuminate dark zones (same with Lava).


Prior to 1.8.8



Updated graphics

  • Water, lava, acid, etc.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed acid being completly wacko.
  • Acid destroys all leaf types (Found by Aftermoth)

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