Bucket of acid

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Bucket of acid

Bucket of Acid.png

Name:Bucket of acid
Mine with:Cannot be placed
Found naturally:No

The Bucket of Acid, when used, places a acid block which automatically disintegrates some natural blocks like Dirt, Wood and Wooden Planks. Like the Bucket of Lava, the acid can be used to make a Cobblestone farm.


  • Go to a Sky hold or a Cave with an empty Bucket and use it on any acid pool.
  • You can make a cobblestone and obsidian farm (as mentioned above) with this.
  • You can protect your home with this as well.
  • Can be used to illuminate dark zones (same with Lava).


Prior to 1.8.8



Updated graphics

  • Water, lava, acid, etc.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed acid being completly wacko.
  • Acid destroys all leaf types (Found by Aftermoth)

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