Bone meal

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Bone Meal

Bone Meal.png

Name:Bone Meal
Found naturally:No

Bone meal is an item that can be used as fertilizer, or as a dye.


A bone can be used to craft three pieces of bone meal.

Bone Empty
Empty Empty
Bone meal


Growing Crops

Bone meal can be used by shift-clicking wheat, potatoes, pumpkin seeds, water melon seeds and Carrots (still growing) to make it ready for harvest, red and brown mushrooms to make them giant mushrooms, and a sapling in dirt to make it a full grown tree.

Growing plants on grass

Bone meal can be used on dirt, causing long grass, flowers and small mushrooms to grow in a small area around it.


Bone meal can be used to dye sheep white.

It can also be used to make a tamed dog's collar white.

Crafting Ingredient

Bone meal is also used as white dye. It also lightens the color of other dyes.


Version Date Changes
1.22.4 Unknown
  • Added bone meal



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