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|name=Yellow flower
|type=Natural, Flower
|mine with=Hand
|found naturally=Yes
The yellow flower is one of the two flowers, the other being the [[red flower]].
== Obtaining ==
The yellow flower can be broken instantly by hand.
=== Natural generation ===
The yellow flower can be found on [[grass]] and [[dirt]] in the [[Biomes|forest biome]], the [[Biomes|mountain biome]], and the  [[Biomes|plains biome]].
The yellow flower has a chance to spawn when [[bone meal]] is used on grass.
=== Loot ===
The yellow flower is part of the loot tables of naturally occurring [[chest]]s in [[Biomes#Ruins|ruins]], [[dungeon]]s, and [[skyhold]]s.
== Usage ==
=== Crafting ingredient ===
The yellow flower can be crafted into two yellow [[Dyes|dye]].
|1=Yellow flower
== History ==
!''Before 1.4.34''
![[First 3 Weeks|Day 12 of development]]
* Added yellow flower
== See also ==
*[[Red flower]]
*[[Bone meal]]

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