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Spear is a throwable weapon which has a small range. It is stackable up to 64. You can throw it unlimited times on the wall (it sticks on the wall) and pick it back up, but when you throw it on a mob it will damage the mob and you can't get it back. It has the same ablities like a Bone Shuriken. This item is craftable. Many players of Mineblocks don't know the crafting recipe of the spear.


Put flint on the top of the first row. Then put a stick (or Bamboo) on the top of the middle row. As the finale put an other stick on the top of the last row and you will get 4 spears for your battle.


Sometimes while running and throwing simultaneously, the player hits himself and loses the spear.


  • Spears don't get stuck on leave blocks.
  • They are useful to explode the Healing crystals in the ender on the top of the towers.