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|type=Food, Item
|type=Food, Item
|heals=1.5 hunger point
|restores=1.5 hunger point<br>33% chance of [[Effects#hunger poison|hunger poison]]
|effects=33% chance of hunger poison
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Raw Chicken

Raw chicken.png

Name:Raw Chicken
Type:Food, Item
Restores:1.5 hunger point
33% chance of hunger poison

Raw chicken is a food item dropped by the chicken. It can be cooked, like other types of meat.


Raw chicken is dropped by a chicken when it dies.


Raw chicken heals 1.5 hunger points. The player can "feed" their dogs with raw chicken, restoring 2.5 health points to them.

While it is edible, the player has a 33% chance of hunger poison for 25 seconds.

Smelting Ingredient

Cooking raw chicken in a furnace will result in a cooked chicken.

Raw chicken
Cooked chicken


Version Date Changes
Unknown Unknown
  • Added raw chicken
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Updated the texture of raw chicken
  • Made raw chicken edible again

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