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Type:non-solid, crafted
Mine with:Any pickaxe
Found naturally:no, must be crafted

Rail is a non-solid block that can be placed to make a path for carrying a minecart. there are for types of rail, normal, Powered rails,

Activator rails, and Detector rails.

The types of rails and how to craft them


Iron_Ingot Empty Iron_Ingot
Iron_Ingot Stick Iron_Ingot
Iron_Ingot Empty Iron_Ingot

Powered rails

Gold_ingot Empty Gold_ingot
Gold_ingot Stick Gold_ingot
Gold_ingot Redstone Dust Gold_ingot
Powered Rail

Activator rails

Iron_ingot Stick Iron_ingot
Iron_ingot Redstone Torch Iron_ingot
Iron_ingot Stick Iron_ingot
Activator Rail

Detector rails

Iron_ingot Empty Iron_ingot
Iron_ingot Stone Pressure Plate Iron_ingot
Iron_ingot Redstone Dust Iron_ingot
Detector Rail

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